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Foam and Memory Foam Mattresses

The Memory Foam Mattress is the up-and-coming mattress type in todays market! Memory Foam mattresses utilize various layers of foam; some gel-infused foam, in order to provide you with an extremely comfortable mattress. 

Although memory foam is advertised as the best mattress type, it may not be the best for every body type. Some people prefer to have a firmer mattress with more support. So, if you are on the edge between innerspring, hybrid or a memory foam mattress, you'll find the information here to be beneficial in choosing the perfect mattress for you. 

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Nichalas Edward
Nichalas Edward
I bought two mattresses from here, great quality for the cheap price. Brendan is very friendly and easy to talk to, knowledgeable about his products. Highly recommend!
Colin Donovan
Colin Donovan
Great mattresses, great prices, great experience. Mr. Butson runs a fine business and provided me with exceptional customer service. The buying experience was very simple, there was no pressure and you couldn’t beat the deal. I would recommend Butson Beds anyone who is in the market for a new mattress. You won’t be disappointed with the result at this place!
Duane Outback
Duane Outback
Brendan was great to deal with. And gave discounted pricing.
Good Place with Great Beds for Great Pricing. Thanks Brendan.
Donald Hamaker, Jr. (D.J.)
Donald Hamaker, Jr. (D.J.)
Excellent service great prices. Went out of his way to help me. Never bought a brand new mattress as an adult. He walked me thru the hole experience. Ended up buying a really great mattress. Excellent salesmanship.
Sandy Gregory
Sandy Gregory
Great place to get a mattress at a great price! Got a new king mattress with a 20 year warranty for a fraction of the online price! Will definitely be back!

More on our Foam & Memory Foam Mattresses

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  • Most well known and commonly used material in building mattresses
  • Hypoallergenic Material
  • Very supportive for your Back, Spine and Joints
  • Works great with Adjustable beds/bases 
  • Isolates motion, making it harder to disturb a sleeping partner

  • Memory Foam absorbs and retains heat easily (bad if you are a cool sleeper)
  • Foam may not always be supportive of certain weight levels
  • Less porous for heat transfer 
  • Various layers of foam may be too comfortable or soft

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When it comes to Mattresses there are a variety to choose from, that can lead to many questions on finding the perfect fit. We're here to help answer all those questions you have to help make your mattress choice as easy as possible! Learn more below! 

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